Free Printer Program

HP DesignJet Z6810 Product Printer Series
Now available on the Free Printer Program: The HP Designjet Z6810. Call for details.

If you are looking to expand your capabilities, why not start in wide format printing with a free HP DesignJet Z Series Printer?

It goes like this:  you need a new printer to help you get the job done, but $8,000 plus for a new printer just isn't in your budget.  Here is an opportunity you won't want to miss: get a free printer and get that job done.

What it is all about: free printer!

And hey let's face it, some things do go wrong. Your printer goes down and you have more work with fast approaching deadlines.  With our free printer program, you don't have to worry.  If something goes wrong we will service your machine for free.  No more lost time figuring out how you are going to budget getting your machine fixed.

The short and sweet of it: free service during the contract period!

The catch:  Obviously, we wouldn't be in business very long if we were just giving everything away.  All you have to do is buy supplies from us.  That's it.  That's the catch.  Think of it as leasing a printer, only instead of throwing money away on interest you are spending it on something useful, such as ink and paper.  So really, the catch is you keep doing what you are doing.

The clincher:  You buy supplies!

And we have a huge selection, just take a look at our online inventory.  Our online inventory is only a fraction of what we have to offer and we are constantly adding to it.  Digital Media Warehouse is part of a nationwide network that lets us get you almost anything you need to keep you stocked up and running.

To sum up:
free printer + free service + monthly purchases = saved time + saved money

Call Digital Media Warehouse at 1-800-576-8182 to find out more about available printer configurations

Other leasing options on HP, Mutoh, Canon, Xerox, and Okidata printers available. Call for details. 1-800-576-8182

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