14 Mil Mesh Banner with Removable Liner 60 x 150

14 Mil Mesh Banner with Removable Liner 60 x 150 (3 inch core) VENDOR
14 Mil Mesh Banner with Removable Liner 60 x 150 (3 inch core). This 14 Mil Mesh Banner is reinforced with polyester Scrim to allow for a more durable finished product. With the easy to remove lining, you can print without any ink spray going through the media onto your printer platen and can easily achieve a clean print. Once the lining has been removed there is a 50/50 hole to Mesh banner ratio to allow for Vivid Images that have a high airflow volume.

Compatible with most Latex, Solvent, and UV printers.

Whether you are a well-known brand looking to advertise your new products, a start-up brand looking to get your product noticed and, on the market, or a printshop who prints for either of these, you can guarantee that the best type of media is one where quality meets value. The QM-MAXVUE is one of the best mesh banners on the market and can help your advertising reach more customers without the risk of the banner blowing away.

Outdoor Banners

QM-MAXVUE is the ideal solution for outdoor banners. This 14 Mil Mesh Banner can help you produce eye-catching graphics that will not catch the wind and possibly blow away, nor will it fully block the field of vision. When you utilize mesh banners for your outdoor banners you aren't giving up any quality that you have come to expect with your typical Scrim Banners, but you do gain the peace of mind with the fact that your banner has a 50% airflow volume. So, stop worrying about your banners and how long-term they might be and start using QM-MAXVUE mesh banners for all of your outdoor banner needs.

Window Signage

Have you been looking for a perforated vinyl alternative that doesn't have to be mounted onto your windows? This QM-MAXVUE is the perfect signage substitution that doesn't fully block your field of vision, but still allows you to display unique and striking signage to draw more customers in. You can hang this 14 Mil Mesh Banner like you would any Scrim Banner and let the ads speak for themselves.

Job Site Signage

Are you in need of a way to advertise your construction, architectural firm, developer, or sub trade business on a construction site or job site? The QM-MAXVUE Mesh Banner is the perfect solution to advertising your business on a job site without blocking the view of the workers or passersby. Start using our 14 Mil Mesh Banner to broadcast your business, brand, or logo to everyone who comes in contact, either by foot or in a car, with your job site and let your design do what is was meant to and that's draw more business in.
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