Large Format Printers: Outsource vs Purchasing

The decision to purchase a large format printer and in-house print or outsourcing is one that plagues a lot of businesses.

Are large format printers worth the investment?


The perfect large format printer depends on the type of printing and sizes of prints you would be doing. If you need help deciding what large format printer is right for you, reach out today!


Most print shops mark up your average poster 350-500%.




Large Format Poster Dimensions

Width (inches) Height (inches) Number of Prints
Monthly Outsource Price:
Yearly Outsource Price:
Print Cost:
Yearly Print Cost:
Large Format Printer Price Number of months until paid off?
HP DesignJet T1600 36-Inch PS Printer | 3EK11A $4,995.00
HP DesignJet Z6 Pro 64-inch Printer | 2QU25A $10,995.00
HP DesignJet Z6810 Printer 60 inch | 2QU14A $14,495.00


*The type of material and ink coverage will change the cost and savings

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