Printable Tissue Paper

Custom printable gift wrap tissue works on aqueous, latex and UV printers and is the perfect way to personalize gifts around the holiday season. You can pair with custom printable wrapping paper (QM-GLWRAP) for a complete custom holiday solution. This custom printable tissue paper works great with HP PageWide XL printers.

Compatible with most Aqueous Wide Format Printers, Latex Wide Format Printers, and UV Wide Format Printers.

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Whether you are a well-known brand looking to advertise using custom wrapping paper, a start-up brand looking to get your product/brand noticed and, on the market, or a printshop who prints for either of these, you can guarantee that the best type of media is one where quality meets value. The QM-TISSUE Printable Tissue Paper is one of the best tissue papers on the market and can help your advertising reach more customers and give you the ability to show off your branding abilities.

Custom Wrapping Paper

When thinking about customer appreciation gifts, Christmas gifts, or general gift giving throughout the year it is easy to come up with a gift and leave it at that. However, if you plan in advance you can create a custom wrapping paper that either represents your brand/image or your clients. Custom Wrapping Paper is an easy way to go the extra mile and show your clients/customers that you thought about more than just the gift, it shows you took extra time and wanted to create a custom experience. Custom wrapping paper can also be used to show your unique gifting abilities to family, friends, or even kids birthday parties. Start using QM-TISSUE paper and start utilizing your individual ideas and flairs.

Bouqet Wrapping

This printable tissue paper can help your business branch into new markets by printing custom tissue paper to wrap flower shop bouqets. Showcase your individual designs and your unique styles when marketing your bouqets. Being able to design and print your own tissue paper for customer flower displays helps show your clients that you are a brand that goes above and beyond. Start using QM-TISSUE for all of your custom tissue paper needs.

COVID-19 Restaurant Printing

During this COVID-19 crisis every business is having to navigate best practices for keeping the workplace and customers healthy. Restaurants are some of the most affected business's when dealing with COVID solutions. Start promoting cleanliness by printing custom table tops that are affordable and replaceable after every meal. QM-TISSUE is a printable tissue paper that can be used to print a table topper with menus, drink specials, and special branding. Start promoting a healthy restaurant to your customers by printing on QM-TISSUE paper!

4 Mil Printable Tissue Paper 36 x 200 (3 inch core) | QM-TISSUE Specifications

Surface Finish:
Indoor: Up to 1 year
Outdoor: Up to 6 months
Base Material:
Roll Length:
15200 Feet
Base Weight:
65 GSM +/- 10%
3 Inch Core
4 Mil +/- 1
Roll Width:
36 Inch
100 (ISO Blue Whiteness)
Print Side:
Print Side Out
125 (CIE Ganz)
Ink Recommendations:
Aqueous|Latex Ink|UV Ink
Gloss Measurement:
3 +/- 10% by angle of 60°

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