The World Would Look Different Without Wide Format Printing

The wide format printing industry shapes the way the world looks and how businesses get noticed. From street signs, billboards, car wraps, and banners to yard signs for realtors, the large format industry is critical to the way businesses look and do business.


Why Wide Format Printing Is Important.

Wide format printing is an efficient method of printing large amounts of material at once. This allows businesses to save money on paper, ink, and labor. It also helps them reduce waste and keep their offices more organized.


Types of Wide Format Printing.

There are many different types of wide format printers, methods, and graphic types that can be printed. At Digital Media Warehouse we specialize in helping all types of businesses determine the type and size of printer they would need for their needs. 

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What would the world look like without wide format printers?


A World With Wide Format Printing A World Without Wide Format Printing

Here is an image of a racecar that has countless decals and advertisements that were likely produced using a wide format vinyl cutter and/or a wide format printer. Many large businesses use racecars to advertise various styles to help their client reach.

A World With Wide Format Printing A World Without Wide Format Printing

This is an MLB stadium. The large amount of graphics, banners, decals, and signs in sports stadiums is astronomical. The amount of money advertisers pay to get some form of image on the field is beyond belief. But you have to think of the amount of people who are going to be in the stadium and the people watching on tv. It pays for itself easily.

A World With Wide Format Printing A World Without Wide Format Printing

This image shows a street side view of some businesses and advertisements. If you take away the wide format prints and graphics, you are left with a fairly boring street. Without wide format printing it would be easy to walk past businesses without knowing what it was or what specials they had.


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